Travel search for people who love to travel

We’re a team of travel-loving engineers and designers. We've spent over six years imagining the perfect travel app, and building the technology to make it possible.

Adioso is a new kind of travel search and booking app. It's the world's first travel search app that's build to work the way travel-loving humans think about travel. We've long known that you don't always know exactly what dates they want to travel, or even exactly where they want to go.

And we know that sometimes you just want to do something cool, like Skydiving, Surfing, Wildlife Watching, or Theme parks.

To make all this possible, we've had to build a completely new kind of travel search technology platform. Our latest version is called Wingtip, and it's taken us nearly 6 years, rebuilding it from scratch three times. But it's been well worth the effort, as Wingtip enables us to offer functionality that no other online travel company can match. Adioso was founded in 2007 in Melbourne, Australia, by Tom Howard and Fenn Bailey.

In 2009 they were accepted into Silicion Valley seed funding program Y Combinator. Since then we've received funding from prominent angel investors Paul Buchheit, Alexis Ohanian, David Rusenko, as well as travel technology veterans Sam Friend and Stephen Bartlett-Bragg.


  • Exhausted from their previous startup, Tom, Fenn and a couple of friends take a trip to Thailand, flying on one of Jetstar's first-ever international flights.
  • Fenn builds an airline crawling engine that automatically searched Australian low-cost airlines for best flight deals and emailed them to himself and his friends. After popularity of the email service, Fenn starts work on a public website, built on PHP Symfony and MySQL. Airline coverage was limited to a handful of low-cost airlines in Australia and Southeast Asia.
  • The first version of is deployed, from an internet cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam. This is the world's first travel search engine that supports natural language queries and full flexibility on destinations and dates. Adioso is accepted into Silicon Valley seed funding program, Y Combinator.
  • Adioso version two launched, with a new design and a search engine that works a bit better, and airline coverage expanded to include low-cost airlines in USA and Europe. First angel funding from prominent Silicon Valley investors including Paul Buchheit, Alexis Ohanian, Robby Walker.
  • First full-time hire, Andrew Tipton. Work commenced on second-generation search platform, Speedbird, using Python & BerkelyDB. Also started rebuilding web application using Python/Django. Angel funding from Hafeez Bana, Sam Friend, Stephen Bartlett Bragg, and Pete Williams. Adioso version three launched, with coverage on Techcrunch, Lifehacker & VentureBeat.
  • Nearing the end of our runway with little traction to show, Tom and Fenn make desperate efforts to raise more funding and entertain selling the company, but decide to forge on. Initial funding runs out. Fenn takes on contracting work to pay the bills. Tom sets about recruiting a new team. Noah Jacobson (Minneapolis) and Dan Hackner (San Francisco) joins the team full time.
  • Work commences on Wingtip search platform, using Java, Lucene & Berkeley DB. Wingtip search platform goes into production, with airline coverage expanded to include most of the world's major low-cost airlines, and for the first time, full-service airlines on selected routes. New funding from angel investors including David Rusenko, Simon Gelfand, Tim Lefebvre.
  • Daniel Wearne joins the team as Adioso's first full-time designer. Revenue from flight purchases begins. Deployed new user-interface, completing the site to the point where it enabled flight searches with fully flexible destinations and dates with full airline coverage (albeit slowly) – a world-first for any travel search engine. Former airline executive Azim Barodawala joins Adioso as CEO.
  • Launched Fly To Your Friends feature which allows users to select Facebook friends and surfaces the best possible flights to visit at any time. Upgraded search experience streamlines the flexible search process by suggesting regions, keywords and visual planning cues to help users get the most out of Adioso’s smart filters and big data.